Fire warning after series of wilful blazes

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Firefighters are appealing to residents to take precautions after several very close calls following a spate of wilful fireraising in Edinburgh.

Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service have attended a number of deliberate fires in north Edinburgh in recent weeks, which could easily have resulted in casualties.

The incidents included a fire that involved a huge pile of old furniture being set ablaze outside a flat, and firefighters said it was lucky no-one was seriously hurt in the blaze.

David Lockhart, community safety manager for the service, said: “These incidents are very serious as fire can easily spread into properties, causing severe damage and endangering people’s lives. Wilful fireraising is a crime and we work together with the police to reduce incidents like these.

“However, residents can also play their part to reduce the risk of something similar happening near their property.

“Don’t leave clutter such as old furniture or rubbish lying around outside your property or in your common stair, discard it properly, find a secure place to store it or arrange to have items uplifted.”