Firefighters called out to factory blaze

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A FACTORY was evacuated when a small explosion caused a fire on the second floor of a pharmaceutical company.

Macfarlan Smith, on Wheatfield Road, was evacuated by firefighters after the blaze broke out shortly after midnight on Sunday morning.

Firefighters in chemical suits and breathing apparatus tackled the blaze.

A spokeswoman for the firm, said it appeared pressure in the pipes had caused gaskets to blow.

Nobody was injured and an inquiry is now under way.

Firefighters also tackled a tyre fire which started in Craigpark Quarry, in Ratho, just after 6am on Sunday.

A team of 46 firefighters had battled to control the blaze, which caused thick, acrid smoke to be released into the air.

A flat on Brandfield Street was also hit by a small fire on Saturday. A 67-year-old woman was taken to the ERI suffering from smoke inhalation.