Firefighters rescue hamster from drain

Mackenzie and Morgan help nurse Squeak back to health after his ordeal. Picture: Gorgon Bell
Mackenzie and Morgan help nurse Squeak back to health after his ordeal. Picture: Gorgon Bell
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A RUNAWAY hamster has been reunited with his owner after firefighters came to his rescue in front of a cheering crowd.

Squeak had been missing from his home in Prestonpans for two days when nine-year-old owner Morgan McFarlane’s eagle-eyed little brother finally spotted him under a car.

But as the family rushed to rescue the pet, he ran out into the street only to fall through a drain.

Morgan’s mum, Kerry, 28, said: “We were trying everything to get Squeak out of the drain. Thankfully there was no water in it, just rubbish, or he wouldn’t have survived, but the cover would not come off.”

All efforts to get to stranded Squeak failed, until a fire crew unexpectedly arrived on the scene to help release him.

Ms McFarlane said: “The whole street cheered when they managed to free Squeak.”

The hamster is now recovering from his ordeal with Morgan at the family home in North Bank Road. Ms McFarlane said she was amazed when firefighters rode to Squeak’s rescue and could not thank them enough.

She said: “I didn’t even know anyone had called the fire brigade until the flashing blue lights appeared on the street.

“The whole street was out watching the rescue. I thought we might get into trouble for dialling 999 but the crew were amazing.”

The rescue on Saturday night happened shortly after 10.30pm, but Squeak’s adventure began two days earlier as mum-of-three Kerry was cleaning out his cage.

She said: “My youngest son, Macaulay, three, opened the door and let Squeak out.

“One of our shih tzus chased him and he took a fright and vanished outside.

“We searched for two days but it was only on Saturday evening that my seven-year-old son, Mackenzie, spotted him under a car in the street.

“We tried everything to lure him out but he panicked and ran straight down the drain. Morgan adores little Squeak, she is a real Dr Dolittle, and we were desperate to save him. Then my sister dialled 999.”

Squeak had been with Morgan and her family for just two months. He slept for two days after he was recaptured and appears to have bounced back from his adventure.

Ms McFarlane said: “I can’t believe he survived all that time outdoors – he should be called Lucky. We are very grateful to the fire service. From now on he stays in his cage.”

A spokeswoman from Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said a crew from Musselburgh had been sent to Prestonpans.

She said: “The hamster was down a drain and all they needed was someone who could get the drain lid off. The firefighters used brute force to get it out and were happy to reunite Squeak with its owner.”