Five free things to do with kids in Edinburgh

Play for free at Bruntsfield Links Short Hole Course
Play for free at Bruntsfield Links Short Hole Course
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With the dreaded half-term holidays fast-approaching, you’ll need to find some way of occupying the kids, and it’s always nice to do so on a budget. So here are our top five free things to do with kids in Edinburgh.

Gorgie City Farm

Living in the city means some children could grow up without the slightest bit of knowledge as to what lies beyond the city limits. Gorgie City Farm offers a fun way for kids to learn about animals and plantlife. With chickens, sheep, goats and even a cow, the farm offers a range of exciting hands-on activities for youngsters to broaden their horizons.

Discover cycling

There’s no better way to see Edinburgh than by bike. And with the recent boost given to the sport by Edinburgh’s Olympic hero Chris Hoy, it’s a good time to get the kids out on two wheels. Why not take them out and explore Edinburgh’s vast network of cycle paths?

It keeps them fit and healthy, and with a bit of luck it might just wear them out enough to put them to sleep early tonight.

With sites like, you’ll find there are dozens of interesting little routes to help you and your children explore the Lothians.

Visit the National Museum

Help bring history alive for your kids by taking them to the National Museum.

And with the recent revamp, the city’s Chambers’ Street attraction is one of the best in Scotland. And it’s free!

Trip to Cramond

If a daytrip of discovery is your thing, then take a journey out to Cramond Island. With the causeway allowing you to walk all the way out to the isle, it’s a great place to take a packed lunch and explore. Feel free to visit the remnants of the World War 2 fortifications on the island and learn about its importance during the war, but just remember to check tide times before you go.

Golf on Bruntsfield Links

Golf needn’t be an expensive walk through the country - it can be played for free and right here in the city. The course at Bruntsfield Links on the Meadows is one of the earliest known places at which the game was played. The short hole course can be played by all - just show up with your clubs and tee off when you’re ready. What better way to introduce your children to the game of golf than that?

However, keep in mind that there may be passers-by who won’t appreciate a golf ball to the back of the head - so be careful where you hit your shot.

Bruntsfield Links Short Hole Course