Flats flood vandals linked to two fireraising attacks

Jamie LLoyd shows some of the damage
Jamie LLoyd shows some of the damage
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VANDALS who flooded a block of flats in north Edinburgh are being linked to two fireraising attacks on the same floor.

Residents fear the thugs who attacked water pipes at Northview Court in Pilton had previously started the blazes, although the motive remains unclear.

Police say they are keeping an “open mind” on whether the attacks are linked as they continue to investigate.

All three incidents took place on the eighth floor of the 16-storey block within the space of a fortnight.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “It’s pretty obvious they’re linked.

“You have someone trying to start a fire on the eighth floor for some reason, then days later someone sets about the pipes with an axe to flood the place.

“I don’t actually think they realised they were going to flood the flats below, I think they just wanted to cause a problem on that floor.”

Jamie Lloyd, a 27-year-old resident who has lived in the block for a year, added: “You always get stupid stuff going on around here with kids and that.

“But this is more serious now. A fire could kill people.”

The first fire took place on January 29 at just after 7.30pm, though firefighters were able to deal with the blaze swiftly.

Three days later, another fire took place on the same floor but this time investigators found signs that the power supply had been tampered with in order to spark a fire, and it took hours to make the area safe.

No-one was hurt in either incident and firefighters worked to ensure some elderly residents did not have to be evacuated.

Then, on Monday, youths broke into a cupboard protecting water pipes and intentionally smashed them to cause a flood.

Water flowed down the lift and stairwells, forcing people several floors down to pull up carpets and sweep away the tide from their front door.

Another resident added: “I’ve heard people say they are connected. It would be pretty difficult to think anything else when nothing happens for ages then you get three incidents at the same place all at once.”

A police spokeswoman said: “There were two reports of fireraising on the eighth floor of Northview Court on January 29 and February 1.

“Enquiries are ongoing. We are keeping an open mind on whether or not they are linked with the vandalism.”

Anyone with information on either the fireraising or the vandalism should contact police on 0131-311 3131 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800-555 111.