Former MSPs share stage 
to argue for independence

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Two former MSPs will share a platform for the first time when they address a public meeting in Edinburgh next week in favour of independence.

Ex-Labour MSP John McAllion and former Scottish Nationalist Campbell Martin, now both in the Scottish Socialist Party, will talk about “Why working people will be better off with independence”.

Mr McAllion said: “The debate on independence is the most important Scotland has faced in centuries. And it is rightly centred on economic issues as people across Scotland feel the harsh effects of the worst recession in 80 years and the coalition government’s public spending cuts really begin to bite.

“Independence means Scotland will no longer have to suffer Tory governments, with all the economic and social misery that entails.

Mr Martin added: “Independence offers Scotland the chance to determine our own future, not have an outside view of the world foisted on us from London.”

The meeting is at 7pm next Wednesday in Meeting Room 2 at the Royal Commonwealth Pool, Dalkeith Road.