Former Nestlé factory to become whisky wonderland

The Old Nestle Milk Factory on Wellington Place, Leith, is set to become a whisky wonderland. Pic:Toby Williams
The Old Nestle Milk Factory on Wellington Place, Leith, is set to become a whisky wonderland. Pic:Toby Williams
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A FORMER Nestlé factory is being transformed into a ­whisky wonderland – for a taste test with a difference.

Amber nectar enthusiasts are set to flock to the Leith venue to savour high-quality drams whose distinctive flavour will be mimicked by evocative visuals and a tailor-made soundscape.

Dubbed Create:Eat:Whisky, the experience is aiming to sweep away the cobwebs of traditional sampling events by matching scents, sounds and sights with the unique flavour of the spirit.

For example peat whiskies could be served in a smoke-filled dome, scored with woodland sounds and dark projections beamed on to the walls.

Bite-size nibbles that compliment the whisky profiles will also be served.

Run by guerilla dining firm Jelly&Gin, the event – hosted at the Nestle Condensed Milk Factory on Wellington Place – is being masterminded by two creative directors as well as artists and designers. Aoife Behan, director of Jelly&Gin, said: “It’s not going to be uptight.

“We want to get away from the traditional whisky experience where someone sits at the top of the room and tells you how to drink the whisky.

“That’s the opposite of what we wanted to do. We want people to get to understand the flavours of whisky and the environment that it’s made in a way that’s more sensory.

“It’s supposed to be relaxed and fun. It’s not supposed to be uptight and where people stand in silence.”

Sounds for the event, which will host 36 guests a time, were recorded on the Isle of Jura – home to the single malt of the same name..

Guests will be presented with four high-calibre whiskies with distinct profiles: smoked or peated, light and fresh, rich and spicy and smooth and sweet.

“Create:Eat:Whisky will be out biggest challenge yet,” said fellow Jelly&Gin creative director Carol Soutar. We have just two days to turn a former ­factory space into an unforgettable whisky experience and we have a great team of artists and designers working with us, so I have no doubt we can pull it off.”

The event is part of Homecoming Scotland 2014 and partly bankrolled through the Scotland Food and Drink fund.

It runs from May 14-20, with tickets from £15.