Fortnightly collections row: Repeated pleas finally answered

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FURIOUS residents called off their plan to dump a carload of rubbish on the council’s doorstep – after their bins were finally emptied in the wake of yesterday’s Evening News story.

Paul Simpson, 31, and his neighbours had feared their Granton Harbour flats would be overrun with vermin and so threatened to pack bin bags and deposit them at the council’s Chesser House offices.

However their repeated pleas were eventually answered as bin men arrived to collect their rubbish yesterday morning.

Paul said: “I phoned up my partner and they said that the bins had all been collected so now it’s been cleared up out here.

“If they hadn’t been collected, when I finished work I would have filled the car up and went back and forth to Chesser House until I had given the council our rubbish.

“I know it seems like an extreme option but the situation here was dreadful especially when you consider how much we pay in council tax.”