Friends reunion: the one where Friends move to Edinburgh

Friends. File picture: Getty Images
Friends. File picture: Getty Images
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AS US broadcaster NBC confirms a two-hour Friends reunion, we consider what the hit TV show would have been like if it had been set in the Capital.

US broadcaster NBC confirmed yesterday that the cast of Friends are set to unite for a two-hour TV special - 12 years after the hit show’s final episode.

The special is being produced in tribute to director James Burrows, who was behind many of the world’s favourite American sitcoms and is is scheduled to be broadcast on 21 February in the United States.

It is likely to feature sketches and cameos from the Friends cast, as well as stars of various other US shows, potentially including Cheers, Frasier and The Bob Newhart Show.

NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt suggested that despite the cast signing up for the project, the six Friends may not appear together.

“I’m hoping all six will be in same room at the same time,” he told reporters. But he added: “I’m not sure we can logistically can pull it off.”

The cast - fresh-faced when the show started in the early 90s - now have an average age of 49 and Emma, the on-screen baby of Ross and Rachel, would be set to turn 14 this year.

Friends in Edinburgh?

If Friends had been set in Edinburgh, what would the episodes have been about? Here’s a selection to get you started. Leave your suggestions in the comments.

• The one where they all live in Stockbridge despite earning just £6.70 an hour

• The one where Pheobe gets compensation after finding a thumb in a can of Irn Bru

• The one where Rachel gets sacked from Artisan Roast after confusing Costa Rican La Minita with Nescafe

• The one where Chandler and Monica move to Dunfermline