Fuel bills ‘will force Scots to ditch heating’

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Rising fuel costs could force one in three Scots families to go without heating, it was claimed today.

A study carried out by uSwitch. com showed average energy bills – which currently stand at £1252 a year – could top £1500 by 2015.

uSwitch claimed that would force six out of ten families to go without heating, with a third switching off altogether.

The study warned average bills could reach £2766 by 2018.

Ann Robinson of uSwitch said: “The UK is hurtling towards a cliff, beyond which he price of household energy will become unaffordable. Once the average bill hits £1500 a year, consumers will be forced to compromise on their comfort, health and wellbeing.”

Labour’s shadow energy minister Tom Greatrex said: “Rather than standing on the sidelines as energy companies rack up record profits, it is time for the Government to act.”