Fuellish thief is stopped mid-flow by police’s call

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A THIEF in the middle of siphoning diesel out of a lorry was stunned to get a call from the police, a court heard.

Mark Scammell was phoned because they thought car thieves had dumped his car in an industrial estate.

But the 28-year-old mechanic had driven there himself to top up his car with some stolen diesel, a court heard.

He abandoned his plan after getting the phone call – but was stopped by the same police officers as he drove away from the industrial estate a few minutes later.

Scammell, of Easter Drylaw, pleaded guilty to forcing open a lorry fuel tank and stealing diesel on October 16. He was fined £300.

Lisa McCloy, prosecuting said a hammer, crowbar, tubing and plastic containers had been found in the accused’s car.