Furious residents to dump bin bags on council doorstep

TRIP secretary Jon Black wants return to weekly uplifts until situation is resolved
TRIP secretary Jon Black wants return to weekly uplifts until situation is resolved
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ANGRY residents are to dump piles of rubbish outside the local council office in protest at new fortnightly collections.

More than 100 members of community groups, Tenants and Residents in Pilton (TRIP), and Tenants and Residents in Muirhouse (TRIM), have confirmed they will hand-deliver dozens of black bags to the North Neighbourhood Office on West Pilton Gardens in an attempt to force councillors to return a weekly service to the area.

And they have asked all North Edinburgh residents to join them in their 9.30am protest on Monday, October 29.

The group has formed as locals become increasingly angered by what they describe as a “shambolic” refuse service in the areas of Pilton and Muirhouse. Overflowing bins and the non-delivery of recycling boxes are among the group’s main gripes.

At present, organisers are 
rallying support for the demonstration by distributing flyers door-to-door in several of the worst affected neighbourhoods.

TRIP secretary, Jon Black, said: “The council has had weeks to sort this situation out, but they have mismanaged it from the beginning.

“Many residents in North Edinburgh have not even been issued with recycling bins yet.

“Every week bins are overflowing, and the situation is getting worse not better.

“We are demanding that the council re-introduce weekly collections until people have received their recycling bins, and recycling rates are improved.

“We want the council to clear up all the rubbish that has been missed in our area.”

Campaign organisers have listed a host of areas across Muirhouse and West Pilton which they feel have been worst hit by the new 
collections, such as West Pilton Green, Ferry Road Place and Muirhouse Park.

Council environment convenor Lesley Hinds, said: “The aim of fortnightly household waste collections is to encourage people to use the recycling services available and reduce the amount of rubbish we’re sending to landfill. In 
Muirhouse and Pilton, recycling advisers have been down twice in the last few months to speak to residents and will continue to do so in the coming months.

“After discussion with the local community we are looking to put in more recycling points in this area in an effort to encourage more recycling. Ultimately, however, people must take responsibility for the amount of waste they produce.

“I know there have been issues with the implementation of the new service and we need to get that right first, but I hope everyone agrees with what we are trying to achieve.

“After all we can’t keep sending all our rubbish to landfill sites.”