Gardening: Farmers’ Market is in good taste

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Did you know that taste is the best reason to eat food in season? Scotland’s larder offers an abundance of fresh, in-season produce all year round, but sadly many of us have lost touch with what we should be eating and when to enjoy food at its best.

Eating local, in-season food with the best crunch and colour is the way to go. Not only is it bursting with flavour, it can often be cheaper too.

A great place to pick up food that is as fresh, local and in season as it can be is the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market.

The majority of the 55 specialist producers who pop up every week grow what they sell, and the suppliers pride themselves on offering the most tasty, healthy and varied produce available.

As well as supporting the farmers and suppliers from your local area by shopping at the market, it’s also a brilliant chance to get fresh, local produce bought directly from the people who grow it. If food is grown locally, it can reach your local shop or greengrocer more quickly, and will taste a lot fresher.

A shorter supply chain also means fewer carbon emissions, which is great news for Scotland’s environment.

Another great reason to go along to the Farmers’ Market is for some top tips and handy advice. You can chat to the suppliers directly and find out exactly where the food you buy comes from. Everyone is so passionate about eating in season and eager to share their knowledge and tips on how to make the most of the fresh ingredients for cooking at home.

So, once you have stocked up on your in-season produce, it’s time to head home and rustle up some tasty meals.

A handy tool to help you create new in-season meals is the Greener Scotland recipe finder, which you can find at which includes in-season recipes from some of Scotland’s top chefs, as well as the tastiest, most nutritious meals you can create from your produce and even your leftovers.

• Brian McAteer is events co-ordinator at Edinburgh Farmers’ Market, at Castle 
Terrace every Saturday, from 9am to 2pm.