Gardening: Keeping your lawn in order

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AS WE make the transition from spring into summer, there’s never a better time to get outside in the fresh air and enjoy your garden in all its glory.

Flowers are blooming and the first fruits and vegetables of the season are ready to harvest, but don’t forget, your lawn also requires some TLC!

With the sun shining and stimulating growth, it’s really important to pay a little more attention to your lawn, giving it some extra care to keep it healthy.

During those warmer, summer months, grass should be kept at about 4-5cm in length, helping the roots to stay strong and giving your lawn the best opportunity to stay green and healthy.

Andrew Gold, plant manager at Dobbies Edinburgh, has some advice to keep your lawn looking luscious. When the grass on your lawn is around 8cm long, start mowing regularly.

“Regular cutting keeps lawns thick and tidy and it’s also a good deterrent against weeds. During long, dry spells, mow less frequently to allow grass to grow longer. For new grass, keep the blades as high as possible and then gradually lower the blades. It is important not to mow when grass is wet or during a drought.”

Tidying the edges of your lawn is the next step after mowing, as Andrew explains.

“Use a half-moon tool for cutting the edges of newly laid turf and existing lawns and do this by holding it vertically against the side of a flat board. Long-handled edging shears can also be used to neaten borders.

“Tidying your edges not only keeps your lawn looking neat, it also prevents it from spreading into borders.

“Lawns get thirsty just like we do so keep them hydrated with plenty of water. A garden hose is essential but a spinning sprinkler which spreads water over a rectangular area can make it easier. As well as watering, feed your lawn twice a year, in June and autumn, to make it look greener and thicker.

“And finally, to keep weeds at bay, roll up your sleeves and indulge in a spot of hand weeding. For stubborn or unreachable weeds, apply a selective weed killer that will kill the weed but not the grass.”