Gardening: Lay groundwork for perfect lawn

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WITH the summer fast approaching now is the time to get to work creating a perfect lush lawn.

While a late frost can always be a problem to watch for, generally the weather should be warmer over the next few weeks and now is the perfect time to get the lawnmower out and start crafting the perfect surface.

Make sure to check the height of the blades on the mower – start off with a gentle trim to the lawn and gradually take the height down. This may be time-consuming, but the results are well worth the effort.

Of course, lawns don’t just grow themselves, and if the grass is thinning out a little it’s worthwhile putting down some grass seeds.

For the best results loosen the soil with a steel rake and apply the grass seeds evenly, then dampen down.

Make sure the seeded areas are well-watered over the next few weeks to ensure germination.

And while water is generally not a huge problem in this part of the world, it is worthwhile keeping an eye on the weather and watering your lawn during any particular hot or dry spells.

Over the next few weeks the lawn should be mowed around once a week to keep it at a good level. In summer, when the weather is warmer and growth is at its peak, lawns should be mowed twice a week.

Again, this may seem like a lot of effort, but if you let the grass grow too long then it will turn a yellow-green shade at the base, and will be less attractive when trimmed.

To get the edges just right, mark out the outline of your lawn using string and wooden stakes, then use a small spade to trim the turf. Use cutters to strim away any untidy growth.

Regular raking should keep the lawn free of any clutter, and now is also a good time to root out any rogue weeds to make sure the lawn is pristine.

Putting in the effort in now will make it easier to keep your green problem-free for the rest of the summer.