Gardening: There’s water, water everywhere

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July is the perfect month to indulge in a variety of gardening tasks. From general weeding to deadheading and pruning, the simplest jobs will keep your garden blooming throughout the summer months.

If the weather starts to heat up this month, your main concern will be ensuring an ample supply of water for your plants.

Andrew Gold, plant manager at Dobbies Edinburgh, said: “Water plants and containers during the coolest time of the day and feed them with a balanced liquid fertiliser to encourage growth.

“Watch out for aphids which multiply in warmer weather – remove pests by hand or spray infested plants with water.

“Encourage bedding and container plants back into flowering by removing all seed-heads and open flowers, just leaving the buds.

“Remember to keep on weeding as it’s vital to remove weeds before they have a chance to set seed.”

It’s important not to let all your hard work and effort on looking after your lawn go to waste while you’re off on holiday.

Andrew added: “Before going on holiday, make mowing the lawn your very last gardening job.

“Don’t be tempted to cut too low as this will encourage grass to grow more quickly. Lawn growth will slow down as summer progresses but keep trimming at least weekly and raise the cutting height slightly to prevent wear.”

If you have been growing your own fruit and vegetables, now is the time to begin harvesting and sowing.

“When summer fruiting strawberries stop fruiting towards the end of July, cut off the leaves to approximately 5-8cm above the crowns, to allow fresh leaves to grow and establish before winter.

“Two weeks before they are ready to lift, cut the growth off early potatoes at ground level. This should give the skins of the potatoes sufficient time to toughen up, making them less prone to damage from lifting.”

To prolong the flowering season, ensure your beds and borders are kept tidy.