Gareth Edwards’ TV Review

THE artist Tracey Emin once suggested that you could tell a time of national crisis because TV channels would start showing meerkat documentaries, in a bid to distract us.

So the fact that one of the most popular adverts on the TV now involves a celebrity meerkat might suggest we are in the midst of an ongoing crisis of unprecedented proportions. Thankfully, Five has found something even better to distract us: Jedward.

When they bought the Big Brother franchise there was a general feeling that it wouldn’t work, was past its best and would be, well, rubbish, but Five has done a masterful job of bringing it back from the brink by sticking the world’s most unbearable twosome in alongside booze, an angry gypsy, more booze, the king of the papparazzi, even more booze and Kerry Katona.

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But while Kerry whined, Paddy (the gypsy) ranted and raged and the glamour girls sunbathed in tiny bikinis, Jedward stole the show, wandering around taking utter gibberish to each other, and the windows. Mad.