Gareth Edwards’ TV Review

HAVING shipped Big Brother off to Five, Channel 4 obviously decided to get rid of a job-lot of their old rejects and threw in scruffy-haired annoyance machine Justin Lee Collins.

By Gareth Edwards
Thursday, 1st September 2011, 3:19 pm

Still, JLC, as he insists on being known to make sure all his friends know fame hasn’t gone to his fluffy head, clearly hasn’t been phased by this shift.

Indeed, he has even managed to get Five to pick up where 4 left off in subsidising his trips over to America so he can run about the streets acting like a nutter, just because he can.

The ‘hook’ for this latest collection of JLC scenes is ... well, nothing really, except giving him the chance to hang around Vegas scaring the locals.

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As well as trying his hand at stripping, the ever shy and retiring host caught up with new Rat Pack, headed by Matt Goss of all people.

Who would have guessed in 1988 that the Bros brother would one day ditch the pop business and wind up performing in Vegas and, like Luke Goss, making it big(ish) in Hollywood?