Garry Lockhart ‘played with son then killed him’

Garry and Janet Lockhart on their wedding day. Picture: comp
Garry and Janet Lockhart on their wedding day. Picture: comp
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A FATHER played with his two-year-old son “as usual” before smothering him with a pillow, a murder trial has heard.

Garry Lockhart is in the dock at the High Court in Edinburgh accused of ­murdering his wife Janet and only child Michael.

Their bodies were found at the family home in South Chesters Lane in Bonnyrigg on December 28 last year.

A jury yesterday watched a video of detectives interviewing Lockhart after he was arrested. The 33-year-old initially replied “no comment” to detectives’ questions before revealing he had drank six pints and “numerous shorts” before arriving home at around 2am.

He told Detective Constable Stuart Robertson his wife had been “not happy” as she was due to start work at Tesco at 4am and worried her ­husband would be too drunk to look after Michael.

Lockhart said the argument spiralled out of control and turned physical. He told DC Robertson: “She tried to go past me or something and I grabbed out. I just snapped.

“I had my hands on her neck, she was facing me, but then she sunk her teeth into my arm. To counter that I turned her round so she couldn’t bite me. I tightened my grip until that was it. I held her for too long until she fell to the ground.”

Lockhart said he sat with his wife’s body and had “visions of seeing Michael downstairs when his mother was on the floor”, but didn’t know if he’d imagined it.

He said: “It was just one moment of madness. I won’t give up trying to kill myself and there’s nothing you can say or do to me that’s going to change that. What I have done is wrong.”

When his son woke in the morning, Lockhart said he took him through to the main bedroom. He said: “I talked to him and played with him, just the usual, and then I put the pillow over him, he struggled and then he passed out.” He added: “I was concerned about Michael growing up with one parent in jail and one parent dead. The only way I could see out of it was if all three of us went.”

Lockhart said he then ­carried his wife to the bedroom and placed her beside their son and covered them with a duvet.

He then bought 11 packets of paracetamol and began to take handfuls but became sick and could not take any more.

Lockhart said he then got into his car to drive to a bridge, but pulled into the side and fell asleep. The next thing he knew was when a police officer smashed the window.

He offered to plead guilty to the murder of his wife and culpable homicide of his son, both on grounds of diminished responsibility, but the Crown refused those pleas.