Get news alerts on your phone via WhatsApp

The Evening News is on WhatsApp.
The Evening News is on WhatsApp.
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Edinburgh Evening News readers can now sign up to get news alerts sent directly to their mobile.

We are now using the WhatsApp instant messaging app for smartphones.

It is free to sign-up, easy to use and the beauty is the alerts come straight to you so you are always up to date.

All you have to do is make sure you have WhatsApp downloaded on your phone and send us a text to subscribe.

Subscribers will get a daily bulletin of our top stories, any breaking news alerts and pictures.

Head of content Alan Young said: “We’re always keen to exploit new technology and find new ways of delivering the news, and as so much content is now consumed on smartphones, this seems like a natural move.

“It will complement our strong social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, ensuring that our readers have the very latest news as soon as it happens.”

The Evening News service uses the broadcast function so readers’ details will be kept secret from other users.

To get involved sign up now and it takes a few seconds to join and is free. Firstly, download WhatsApp to your smartphone and ensure notifications are switched on.

Save our WhatsApp number 07730303476 in your phone as Edinburgh Evening News. Send us a message via WhatsApp to 07730303476 as we need those details to ensure you get the alerts. Once we’ve added you to our broadcast list, you will receive one alert a day with links to the latest headlines plus alerts for major breaking news stories.