Getaway driver claims poor defence at trial

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A GETAWAY driver who is serving a life sentence for his role in a brutal murder has alleged he received “defective” legal representation from his trial lawyers.

Bernard Young, 26, was handed a 19-and-a-half year jail term in January 2007 for his role in the April 2006 shooting of former boxing champion Alex 
McKinnon at the Marmion pub in Gracemount.

Young acted as a driver for hitmen Jamie Bain, 29, and Richard Cosgrove, 30, who shot Mr McKinnon dead and pumped bullets into James Hendry, who almost died.

Young’s legal team are arguing at the Court of Session in Edinburgh that his solicitors at the time failed to present his defence properly – and that this caused a potential 
miscarriage of justice.

Advocate Mungo Bovey QC wants judge Lady Wise to refer the case to the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission, which would examine whether Young received an unfair trial.

The proceedings, which are expected to take four days, 
continue today.