Giant 30ft-wide sinkhole appears in Scottish field

Something worth looking into...
Something worth looking into...
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A GIANT 30ft-wide sinkhole has opened up on the site of a former colliery in Midlothian.

Roslin Colliery produced coal for more than 65 years before being abandoned in 1969.

But now an area of farmland has caved in on the site of the former mine, opening an enormous depression in the field. Coal Authority bosses have already sealed the area off and will visit the site in the coming weeks to inspect the hole.

James Hammond, regional project manager for the public safety and subsidence team at the Coal Authority, said: “Our regional team responded quickly to erect fencing to secure the area. We will be undertaking thorough investigations to determine the cause of this incident.”

“If these investigations conclude that it is a result of historical coal mine workings, we will undertake ground remediation work to make the area safe.”