Giant pandas top Zoo’s adoption scheme

Pandas topped Zoo adoption scheme.Picture: Ian Georgeson
Pandas topped Zoo adoption scheme.Picture: Ian Georgeson
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The UK’s only giant pandas have proved that their popularity continues as they topped Edinburgh Zoo’s adoption scheme this year.

Around two in every five people who signed up to the Edinburgh Zoo scheme in 2013 chose to support one of the pandas.

Tian Tian and male companion Yang Guang have been a major attraction since arriving at Edinburgh Zoo from China in December 2011.

There were hopes that Tian Tian was pregnant earlier in 2013 but in October the zoo said she lost the cub in the late stage of pregnancy.

Penguins are also a popular choice for adopters with around one in 12 choosing a gentoo (8%) while around the same proportion chose a rockhopper penguin (7.5%).

Meerkats are in fourth place (7%) and koalas are fifth most popular (6.5%).

Adopters can choose from around 100 animals and receive a fact sheet about the creature, regular updates and an invitation to a special annual event.