Girl’s letter moves Clarks to send custom boots

Ava with her zip-free boots. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
Ava with her zip-free boots. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
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When seven-year-old Ava McComb became disgruntled with never being able to find zip-free footwear, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She wrote to Clarks with her own design and the cute blueprint tugged at the heartstrings of senior staff so much they decided to make her dream boots a reality.

Ava, a pupil at Bruntsfield Primary School, is now the proud owner of a completely unique boot-iful pair of apple green boots, with blue buttons, pink fluffy insides – and “absolutely no zips!” .

Proud mum Mel said she was “lost for words” when the company got in touch to ask for Ava’s shoe size so they could make the surprise boots.

She said: “We always buy our winter boots in Clarks around October half-term time and she’s been saying ‘Why do all the boots have zips?’. She could not find any she liked and she always says zips are quicker but buttons are ‘funner’.

“She went on about it so much that I told her to draw them and it was so detailed and so sweet that we sent it off not expecting anything so we were really blown away by the letter we got back.”

Clarks presented their bespoke knee-high surprise to Ava along with her mum and dad and big sister Esme, nine, at their Princes Street store.

They were lovingly sealed in a box along with a copy of Ava’s original drawing and a giant bow and balloons to make it extra special.

“The boots are fab,” said Mel. “They are Muppet green, because green is her favourite colour, and have come out a perfect match with pink fluff as she had drawn.

“She was delighted when she saw them – I was a bit worried about her response but she was just taken aback.”

Ava showed off her new boots to classmates when she wore them to school on Friday and took in her letter and her box for a little presentation.

“I was a bit worried about her wearing them to school – but she must wear them because she’ll grow out of them soon! All her classmates really loved them and thought they were really cool,” Mrs McComb added.

Sister Esme thought the boots – which would probably retail for anywhere between £50 and £100 if they were ever to be made – were top notch and is “really proud” of her sibling’s idea.

Ava said her boots were really “flash” and liked the buttons the best because she hates zips. She said: “I don’t like zips because when they break you cannot wear them again, but my boots are cool.”

Mrs McComb said Ava has also written a thank you letter to Clarks telling them that green was her favourite colour and that the pink fluff was “mad”.

A spokesman for the company said they were delighted to help. She said: “The letter tugged on the heartstrings of the children’s department.”