Girls charged after boy hit by cone thrown from Ocean Terminal

The incident happened at Ocean Terminal. Picture: Ian Georgeson
The incident happened at Ocean Terminal. Picture: Ian Georgeson
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THREE teenage girls have been charged after a young boy was struck by a cone thrown from the upper floor of a busy shopping centre during the Boxing Day sales.

Speaking at the time, police said that the consequences “could have been much more serious” and described it as an “act of utter recklessness”.

Since the incident, they have been trying to trace those responsible and have now charged three 13-year-old girls, reporting them to the Children’s Reporter.

Pc Nicole Napier, based at Leith police station, said: “This was a senseless act that had the potential to seriously injure or worse.

“We have now charged three teenagers in connection with this matter and I wish to thank everyone who assisted throughout the course of our investigation.”

The young boy was with his family and about to climb the stairs from the ground floor near Debenhams when he was hit on the leg by the cone – believed to be used by cleaners to warn of wet floors – at around 5.30pm on Saturday, December 26.

Chas Booth, Green councillor for Leith, said: “This was a horrendous incident and, as a parent of young children myself, I can’t imagine the horror that the parents of this young but must have felt at the time.

“It was sheer luck that it wasn’t a much more serious incident. I’m glad the police have been able to identify the suspects and I hope there is enough evidence to deal with this swiftly.”

The Children’s Reporter will now carry out a thorough investigation into the teenagers’ backgrounds, speaking to police, social workers and the education department.

However, any action taken will depend on the circumstances, the evidence and the child’s background, taking into account their family circumstances plus any previous offences.

A child or young person will only be referred to the panel if the Reporter believes there is a need for a compulsory supervision orders – the most common form of compulsory supervision made by Children’s Hearings.

This could see a child be required to live away from home, with foster carers, in a local authority home or in a residential school.

In August 2014, teenager Robert Davidson was fined £700 for throwing a traffic cone from George IV Bridge on to the Cowgate, narrowly missing a police officer and pedestrians.

The case was similar to an incident at the same spot in 2006, when student Kate Flannery suffered a fractured skull after being hit by a cone thrown from 60ft above.