Give a little bit more to help charity

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A NEW campaign aimed at encouraging people to give more money, time or energy to the causes they care about has been unveiled in the Capital.

Ahead of the UK launch in April, Give More is hoping to inspire Scottish businesses, charities and individuals to join early adopters who have already pledged their support.

A number of individuals have already given their support to Give More, including Eleanor Barnes, a volunteer from Edinburgh with Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland, who said: “I’m supporting Give More because I know first-hand how important it is for the survival of charities that people donate their money, time or energy. Without its volunteers Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland couldn’t function.”

Tamar Ghosh, campaign director for Give More, said: “Our natural response is to look to the state, but it is unable to respond to all the issues.

The UK has a long tradition of giving money, time, and energy to charity, so the aim of Give More is to harness this generosity and inspire us to become an even greater giving nation.”