Give us street cleaners, not environmental wardens

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There is growing concern regarding the amount of dog fouling within the city, to the point that the council is employing additional environmental wardens to help combat the situation by having more patrols and fining those caught not clearing up their dog’s mess.

It is in theory the sensible thing to do, but it all becomes pointless if the cleansing department continues to fail to remove the mess. It is actually duty bound to do so.

An instance that highlights this situation perfectly is that two weeks ago all households around the Willowbrae/Jock’s Lodge area received a letter from our MSP, Kenny MacAskill, highlighting the problem in our area.

This was in response to complaints he had received from constituents regarding the amount of dog fouling. In the letter, he stated he had contacted Neighbourhood East management, and they had assured him they would increase the amount of environmental wardens in the area.

No-one I have spoken to has actually seen them, but let’s assume they have increased their patrols and have fined dog owners and indeed notified the cleansing department. All that is pointless as the cleansing department has failed to remove the mess, some of which has been in situ for a week or more. Some areas are on the main bus route which should be cleaned on a daily basis, yet the dog mess is untouched. Why?

Maybe a better use of public money might be in employing more street cleaners, as opposed to environmental wardens, and having both management and the street cleaners doing the job they are employed to do.

David Black, Kenmure Avenue, Edinburgh

Scotland is being run like a colony

DAVID Fiddimore (Letters, January 30) said it all – a Westminster government does not want Scotland to be competitive with them.

International trade is a war, but keeping Scotland’s assets in Westminster is colonialism and that is why I will be voting for independence next year.

Colin Smail, Viewforth Gardens, Edinburgh

Independence would enslave us

THE Electorial Commission has taken the sensible route about the question on the ballot paper for the Scottish independence referendum.

But why are we being asked to participate in a constitutional change that will only alienate our country and is politically led by the SNP?

There is so much evidence now accessible to show just how short-sighted the SNP really is over its feudalistic political ideology.

Referendums such as this one are an interference into our national life that would alienate all of our traditions, which all too often has been the cause of unrest in Europe and in many other parts of the world.

From the point of view of Scottish devolution and our communities, it is hardly necessary to say that we are considerably stronger for being devolved. Scotland has already been given the accolade of recognition both at home in the UK and abroad.

Devolution is the mainstay and the pathfinder of the revival of Scottish society and social legislation. It was the Scottish Labour party that got rid of feudalism.

But under an independent state we would become the slave and not the master of our future.

Chas Dennis, Niddrie Marischal Road, Edinburgh

Area name vital for bridge title

WHEN it comes to naming the new Forth bridge, a title that is associated with the area should be considered.

In decades to come people using the bridge should be able to connect the name with where it stands.

Many names such as the Queensferry Bridge or Ferrytoll Bridge are two that would mean something.

Mrs A Watt, Edinburgh

Do your job and stop train slobs

I WAS on the train last Thursday evening when I saw the ticket seller approach a teenager who was sitting with his feet up on the seat opposite.

The ScotRail man sold a ticket to the youth, who kept his feet on the seat during and after the transaction.

There was not a word from the ticket seller about it.

If train staff won’t do their job properly, no wonder yobs act as they please.

James Chapman, Linlithgow