Glasgow man ‘humiliated’ during body search at Edinburgh Airport

The security lanes at Edinburgh Airport. Picture: TSPL
The security lanes at Edinburgh Airport. Picture: TSPL
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A GLASGOW businessman has made a police complaint about how he was made to feel “intimidated and humiliated” by security staff at Edinburgh Airport.

Mark Merley, 62, claims to have been victimised by staff members, whom he claims singled him out for special treatment for their 

He said he was made subject to a search on June 25 that included a member of the security team twice putting both their hands down his 

A flabbergasted Mr Merley made numerous attempts to make an official complaint, but he said staff were not willing to speak with him. When he asked what the name of the owner of the airport was, he was told to “Google it”.

Mr Merley said his trip to Vienna with his fiancée was “ruined before it had even started” following the harrowing ordeal.

He said: “There was a huge queue and the woman at the section with the trays looked and sounded very bored. I said to her that it was not a good system they were running. She responded to say the system was fine and then all of a sudden she said out loud ‘I need someone to search this one’.

“This is before I had even got to the scanner. I was rushed through the machine, which flagged up I still had a belt on. I had the handheld scanner before I was assaulted by the security staff.

“The woman actually followed me down to watch me and had a big grin on her face. She was clearly enjoying seeing me being humiliated.

“You usually get a search at the top of your trousers using a thumb and the hand on the outside. No, this man did the opposite and had his hand down my trousers going over my pubic area and bum. Then to make matters worse he did it again. It was absolutely 

“The woman was a troublemaker. She identified someone to intimidate and humiliate them. It looked like they were bored and needed some fun.”

The alleged incident comes after The Scotsman published a letter from Edinburgh Airport chief executive Gordon Dewar calling for passengers to “hold us to task when we’ve fallen short”.

Mr Merley feels staff did not handle the situation with integrity and said he was angry he was forced to call the 
airport’s press team as a last resort to find out how to make an official complaint.

An Edinburgh Airport spokesman confirmed it was investigating a complaint from Mr Merley and would take “any necessary action”.

Mr Merley has been interviewed by police officers in Glasgow in relation to the incident and has vowed never to use the Capital’s airport again.

He said: “I was absolutely appalled. Walking away, I was shaking with anger and shocked by the way I had been treated.

“When I went back to speak to them again, the woman returned with her back to me to eavesdrop. She was vindictive and in her element.

“I’ve now raised the matter with the police because I feel so strongly about this.”