Gordon Aikman records voice ‘as insurance policy’

Gordon Aikman
Gordon Aikman
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CHARITY campaigner Gordon Aikman, who was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease last May, has recorded his own voice so he won’t have to rely on computer-generated speech if his condition worsens.

The terminally-ill 30-year-old said it was an “insurance policy” as he fights the disease, which has left fellow sufferer Professor Stephen Hawking without the ability to talk.

He said: “Your voice is a big part of you personality and identity and you don’t want to sound like a computer – you want to sound like yourself.

“I wanted to avoid having to use a generic computer-generated voice. At the moment, it’s just a back-up.”

Mr Aikman, who has raised more than £250,000 for research into a cure for MND, recorded random words and sentences at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary’s voice bank.

He said: “I’ve not lost any of my speech but a lot of people with MND do, so it’s an insurance policy for the future.”

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