Gordon Brown under fire for new powers petition

Gordon Brown. Picture: Scott Louden
Gordon Brown. Picture: Scott Louden
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Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has come under fire for asking people to sign a petition demanding Westminster keep his own vow that the Scottish Parliament would get new powers after a No vote.

Mr Brown was credited as being instrumental in helping the No campaign overcome the surge in support for independence with his pledge for new powers, but almost two weeks on from the vote little has been done to put it in motion.

First Minister Alex Salmond said: “This is an astonishing development. How can Gordon Brown call for people to sign a petition urging Westminster to keep its promises on more powers for Scotland when he himself has already said that is a vow which will be honoured?

“He is now calling for guarantees on the delivery of something which he himself said during the referendum campaign was already a done deal.

“The ‘Tory trap’ is not the proposals on income tax which Gordon Brown talks about - it is the Tory trap which he and his colleagues are leading people into, in which the issue of more powers for Scotland becomes entangled in a row between factions of the Westminster establishment.

“Scotland has been promised very substantial new powers, regardless of Tory attempts to link the issue to that of English votes for English laws.

“Many of the people who voted No in the referendum did so in the belief that those new powers would be delivered, and that is what now must happen.”