Gordon Durie tells of mystery illness that forced him to quit role

Gordon Durie
Gordon Durie
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FOOTBALL legend and former Hibs forward Gordon Durie has spoken of the mysterious illness which forced him to step down as East Fife boss.

The 46-year-old – known as Jukebox – feared he had suffered a stroke after collapsing in the showers following his side’s clash with Queen of the South in August.

And he revealed he had decided to quit after advice from doctors who told him he had a viral infection and warned him it would be “silly” to return to managing East Fife in the next two months.

Durie, a former Scotland and Rangers star, described his collapse after the Queen of the South match as “frightening”. He said: “I took a turn after the match and on the night it happened I went through some tests to find out what caused it. Then I basically went through a whole MOT in the days after it to find out what was wrong.

“I had just come out the shower and felt strange. My right-hand side went into a spasm but I never passed out. I was still conscious right through it all so although it was all frightening, I never thought it was life-threatening.”

He added: “At first it was thought it could have been a stroke or something but gradually all the sinister stuff was ruled out. The week after it happened was a really worrying time but the test results put my mind at rest.”

Confirmation he did not have a terminal illness encouraged the East Fife boss to think about returning to work early – but a visit to the doctor last week convinced him to stand down.

He said: “I’m disappointed as I was hoping to be back sooner than this. It has been very frustrating.

“I went to the doctor last Tuesday and he changed my medication and said he thought it would be silly to go back in the next two months.

“There was a lot of 
uncertainty at the club and results weren’t good so it was the best thing for me to resign. It is a disappointment as it was my first managerial job – but your health comes first.

“I am just looking to get back to full health – getting back to normal.”

In a statement posted on the East Fife website, Durie confirmed he would resign and thanked fans for their messages of support.

Club director Eugene Clarke said: “It is deeply unfortunate that illness has prevented [Durie] from carrying out his duties in the way he would have wished. We hope his health recovers soon and look forward to his visiting Bayview where he will always be welcome.”