GR Ant’s underground wax: Belle Ame Electronique by Sunshine Jones

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‘Bélle Ame Électronique‘ translates as beautiful electronic soul, a fitting name for this ten-track collection of charming, dreamy cuts.

Each track was created out during Jones’ improvised live sets, giving a fresh approach to studio recording. The result is perfectly rounded album which feels alive with emotional content. Jones takes us on a journey meandering through various genres, from ambient abstract textures through to upfront house and techno - exploring the hottest new sub-genre, dub-techno, with low-pitched spoken word vocals, heavy delays and raw chords. Picking up the pace ‘Four Million Miles’ encompasses wildly pitched synthesizers and bright arp-lines to create a delicate house track full of intricacies. ‘We Are What We Are’ carries similar traits with sensual vocals and bright piano chords to construct emotive deep house. Jones adds some slo-mo touches to the LP with ‘I Got Your Back’ and ‘Dirty Love’, again applying live vocals and worldly percussion to both; capturing the organic essence Jones has become known for.

Best played: Laidback listening.

GR Ants Fav: ‘Four million Miles’ is a modern Café Del Mar but much, much better, and far more subtle.

Label: Nite Grooves

Released: 4th November 2012

Style: Underground House