Grant Stott’s World Cup white spray prank

Grant Stott pulled the prank at the EICC. Picture: Ian Rutherford
Grant Stott pulled the prank at the EICC. Picture: Ian Rutherford
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Forth DJ Grant Stott’s bid to mimic World Cup referees’ vanishing white spray ended with him scrubbing the floor of a city venue.

Stott was presenting the Scottish Housing Awards at the EICC on Thursday night in front of a room filled with Scotland’s business elite.

The Forth One presenter opted for a World Cup themed joke - spraying a line of foam on the stage to replicate referees in Brazil to indicate where a photographer would be standing.

Referees have been using a white spray to help enforce the correct distance between the ball and defenders during a free kick.

But Stott quickly realised his mistake when the foam failed to vanish and the carpet became slippery and sticky.

The gracious DJ ended up on all fours desperately trying to rub the foam out of the plush carpet.

Grant said: “It seemed like a good idea at the time and perhaps I didn’t quite think the whole thing through when it came to the mess.

He joked: “Although I now expect a cleaning bill from the EICC and various award winners to clean their shoes.”

In Brazil, the marks vanish after a short period and help officials stop the opposition edging too near the attacker’s shot