Greens protesters to bring town to a halt every week

Protesters in Dalkeith after the last 'go-slow' demo
Protesters in Dalkeith after the last 'go-slow' demo
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Da Vinci Rapist protesters have revealed that they will bring Dalkeith to a weekly standstill until Robert Greens is removed.

A second “go slow” protest featuring more than 30 cars slowly circling the town centre is to take place on Monday at 10am.

Campaigners first revealed the surprise ploy last week as protesters drove around the town for two hours tooting horns and waving banners.

The campaign, which has more than 14,000 supporters online, has found support from a number of local businesses.

However, the previous protest did spark concern from businesses, including a local florist who said she had been delayed from delivering a funeral wreath as a result of the go-slow action and called on the demonstrators to give more advance warning.

Protester Kelly Parry said: “We are very sympathetic to any businesses who might suffer as a result but it is a very effective form of protest. We are not going for sudden shock value and just launching it on people, we’ve revealed our plans to local businesses a good week in advance and have attempted to notify as many businesses as possible.”

And many supported the action, with Muharrem Gursoy, of Cafe Troy, on Dalkeith High Street, saying: “I have no problem at all with the ‘go slow’ protest. It’s a good way for them to get their message across to Midlothian Council. I support them in it.”

Monday’s convoy will leave from Dalkeith Country Park entrance before driving clockwise round Dalkeith.

The announcement came after it emerged that BNP leader Nick Griffin was accused of attempting to “cash in” on the protests after he announced plans to address a rally in Dalkeith this evening.

More than 50 members of the far-right party are expected to attend the rally in the Adventure Playground at Dalkeith before staging a demonstration in the town centre against Greens being re-housed just minutes away from where he raped a dutch student in 2005.

However they now look set to see their plans thwarted, after managers of the estate said they had no intention of allowing the rally to take place within their grounds, and would lock the gates if necessary.

Andrew Brough, the estate manager at Dalkeith Country Estate, said: “Dalkeith Country Estate staff were unaware of plans by BNP activists to convene at the estate today, until being alerted to the fact that this appears on the BNP 

“We have now contacted the organisation and made it clear that individuals associated with any political activism will not be admitted to the private grounds of Dalkeith Country Estate.

“If necessary, the estate grounds will be closed.”

Anger after police arrest demonstrator

Relations between the police and protestors have become strained after a long-serving protester was arrested at a demonstration outside Greens’ home on Thursday night.

Police arrested the 32-year old for a breach of the peace and he had been due to appear in court yesterday but the charges were dropped before his case was called.

Several members of the campaign attended court only to be told he had been released and no action was being taken against him.

A spokesperson at The Crown Office stated: “The Procurator Fiscal at Edinburgh received a report relating to a 32-year-old man in connection with an alleged incident on July 26.

“After full and careful consideration of all the facts and circumstances, the Procurator Fiscal decided there should be no action. The case is now closed.” However, a second protester who attended Edinburgh Sheriff Court in support was then arrested for his actions on the same Thursday night incident.

A police spokesperson said: “A 23-year-old man has been charged in connection with a disturbance in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, on Thursday, July 26. He is due to appear at Edinburgh Sheriff Court at a later date.”