Hall’s factory chiefs pushed for answers over site losses

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UNIONS hope a meeting tomorrow could prove a vital step towards saving the closure-threatened Hall’s of Broxburn meat factory.

Management has promised to provide union representatives with details of how the plant came to be losing £79,000 a day when less than a year ago Dutch owner Vion announced a major expansion.

A spokesman for Usdaw said: “We had a meeting on Friday and put serious questions to Vion and they are supposed to be coming back to us tomorrow with answers.”

He said the union’s questions focused on the losses, where they came from and how long they had been going on.

“We were not aware of the scale of the potential losses until the announcement was made. It might be that one part of the plant is performing better than another. We are hoping for detailed answers, then all the parties can go away and decide what the next steps are going to be.

“We are hoping the future is going to be the plant stays open and the jobs are still going to be there.”