Headbutt attacker locked up for life

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A MAN has been jailed for life after leaving his victim with the some of the “worst” injuries a doctor had seen.

Stuart Cameron, 29, was sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh yesterday after savagely beating a man he saw kissing his girlfriend.

Victim George Reynolds, 47, suffered multiple fractures to his cheekbone and jaw, and lost several teeth.

Cameron, of Rowan Terrace, Blackburn, West Lothian, admitted attempting to murder Mr Reynolds in the street last July 24.

The court heard that Cameron had been to a funeral that day and had been drinking heavily. Later, Mr Reynolds – a family friend – began chatting to Cameron’s girlfriend Kelly McAlpine, before kissing her and shaking her hand.

Cameron then headbutted Mr Reynolds twice in the face, kicked and punched him and stamped on his head.

Judge Lord Uist said: “The treating doctor said the injuries were among the worst she had seen.