Call-up time for Paget’s volunteers

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PEOPLE in Edinburgh at risk of a painful bone disease are being given the opportunity to take part in a wide-ranging clinical trial.

Researchers are looking for 60 patients to undergo the tests at the Western General as part of the five-year trial into Paget’s disease – a form of arthritis.

The study is being led by Edinburgh University and the charity Arthritis Research UK, and it is hoped it could lead to the disease being “stopped in its tracks” in those who are genetically vulnerable to it.

Stuart Ralston, the professor of rheumatology at Edinburgh University, said: “This is a rare example of a real attempt to use the results of genetic studies to introduce a possibility of disease prevention.

“Breakthroughs in identifying genetic mutations that are responsible for causing Paget’s disease have now made it possible for genetic testing to be carried out via a simple blood test.

“If the people who are likely to develop Paget’s later in life can be identified in middle age, there is a chance to stop the disease in its tracks.”

For more information on the trial contact 0131-651 1037.