Carer struck off for ‘threat to kill’

Murrayfield House. Picture: Lesley Maritn
Murrayfield House. Picture: Lesley Maritn
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A CARER has been struck off after threatening to “kill” one of the adults she was looking after.

Karen Ferguson also pulled a vulnerable adult off a chair and threw her down on to her wheelchair, according to bosses at the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).

The incidents took place at Murrayfield House Care Home in July last year and on unknown dates.

Ms Ferguson was hauled before an SSSC board after colleagues raised concerns about her conduct, with managers at the home confirming she has been sacked.

An official report from the SSSC states that, on or around July 24, 2014, the support worker showered one adult “in a rough manner”, pulled electrical cables from underneath her while she was lying on the floor, causing her to scream, and told her to “shut up” and “not to ramble on”.

She also responded to the woman by saying “I will kill you” and uttered the words “for f*** sake” in her presence, the report said.

SSSC leaders decided there was sufficient evidence to confirm Ms Ferguson lifted adults without the help of a specialist hoist, even though one individual was recovering from having a steel rod inserted into his 

And she openly used the terms “nemesis” and “Kryptonite” to refer to an individual in her care.

Explaining their decision to remove Ms Ferguson from the professional register, the SSSC said: “Service users have the right to expect that they will be treated with dignity and respect and protected from harm by the social service workers in whom they and the public place their trust and confidence.

“By her behaviour the registrant breached that trust and confidence, misused her power, abused her position and placed a service user at risk of physical harm.

“Her behaviour caused, or was likely to cause, fear, alarm and distress to the service user in a place where they were at home and entitled to feel safe, cared for, valued and treated with respect and dignity.

“In addition, her behaviour represented a loss of self-control and aggressive behaviour which is incompatible with the conduct of someone registered, or expecting to be registered, with the council.”

Managers at the care home described Ms Ferguson’s behaviour as a “wholly unacceptable breach of trust” and said they were “pleased” she had been struck off.

A spokesman said: “We want to commend staff at the home for immediately raising concerns about Ms Ferguson’s conduct.

“This led to her immediate suspension and subsequent dismissal. We also took prompt action to refer Ms Ferguson to the SSSC so that her registration could be reviewed.”

Ms Ferguson could not be reached for comment.