Charity sets out to dispel seizure myths

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A FRANK awareness event was taking place in the city centre today to alert people to the dangers of epilepsy.

The demonstration, staged by the charity Epilepsy Action in Castle Street, was organised after research showed nine out of ten people would do the wrong thing if they tried to carry out basic first aid on a person suffering from a fit.

Today passers-by were being shown exactly what to do if someone has a seizure, and what not to do, such as attempt to put something in a sufferer’s mouth to stop them swallowing their tongue.

Aimee Gee, campaigns manager at the charity, said: “It is worrying that such a large percentage of the public don’t know how to deal with seizures. The lack of public understanding of seizures is having an impact on people with the condition, who are anxious about having seizures away from home.”