Ex-Death Row Scot Kenny Richey suffers stroke

Kenny Richey is recovering at home with his wife Karen. Picture: Comp
Kenny Richey is recovering at home with his wife Karen. Picture: Comp
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FORMER Death Row Scot Kenny Richey is recovering at home in the United States after suffering a stroke.

His wife Karen said he had been treated in intensive care after being left partially paralysed by the seizure on Wednesday.

Mr Richey, 50, from Edinburgh, spent 22 years in jail under sentence of death for the death of a toddler in a house fire, before being freed after a plea deal in 2008.

His wife broke the news of his stroke on her Facebook page, but said: “His Scottish humor keeps his spirits in tacked, and staff on their feet. This life changing hurdle has effected him on so many levels. But he is determined to persevere.”

Then today she reported his condition had improved and he had returned to his home in Tupelo, Mississippi.

She said: “The blood thinners did a great job, but the damage to his right arm and hand will take a lot of therapy. We are so happy to have him home.Dr says it will take time to heal and hopefully he will regain some use of his hand and arm.”

And also writing on her Facebook page, Mr Richey said: “Not taking care of myself is what caused the stroke and thinking that nothing like this could ever happen to me. Was I ever wrong! Will be taking better care of myself from now on and doing what the doctor tells me.”