Girl, 7, donates hair to make child cancer wigs

Abbie MacFarlane is proud of her new haircut. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
Abbie MacFarlane is proud of her new haircut. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
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SHE may only be seven years old, but that didn’t stop Abbie McFarlane getting her hair chopped to raise more than £1500 to help children with cancer.

Generous Abbie strolled into the classroom on her first day back at St Martin’s Primary, Tranent, with a beaming smile after she fulfilled her goal of helping disadvantaged kids – by donating her hair to make a wig.

The youngster had more than seven inches of her blonde locks cut off on Tuesday to raise money for the Little Princess Trust, a charity which provides children who have lost their hair to various conditions such as cancer with free wigs.

Abbie’s dad, Steven, said she had been asking if she could get all of her hair cut off for a few months and both he and his wife didn’t understand why.

He said: “Abbie had been at us for ages to get her hair cut short. We kept telling her no, her hair was at a beautiful length and we didn’t want to see her get it all cut off.

“But she continually asked and after about a month and a half we finally agreed to keep her happy.”

He added: “As soon as we agreed she seemed to be overjoyed and immediately said ‘now I can donate my hair’. We were shocked.”

After further inquiries, Steven, 28, and wife Carry-Anne, 38, discovered Abbie had been watching YouTube videos about children losing their hair.

According to Steven, she began to feel guilty that she had so much hair and other children didn’t have any, so she wanted to help out.

Her father said: “I have no idea how she came across the videos, I think it must have been an advert or something.

“When we heard that she wanted to donate her hair and also try and raise money, we wanted to do all we could to help.”

The family set up a 
JustGiving page with the aim of raising £200 for the Little Princess Trust.

But within just two hours, a whopping £350 was donated, and the money continued to flood in.

According to Steven, it costs £350 to make a child’s wig, so when Abbie raised £1550 she was overjoyed.

Kelly Richardson, a hairdresser at Bello Capelli in Tranent, who cut off Abbie’s hair, said she was “very brave”.

Kelly said: “Abbie had about seven inches of hair cut off – it was really long. She was very brave and I think she has done it for a great cause.

“She was delighted with the result and her hair will be sent off in a hair pleat to make a wig.”

Abbie showed off her new short hair as she began primary four yesterday.

Steven added: “Myself and my wife and her five siblings are all so proud of her.

“She was so happy going to school yesterday.

“We would like to thank 
everyone for donating.”