Grieving parents give hospital Christmas gifts

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THE parents of a four-year-old child who died this week of cancer want to thank medics by giving a selection box to every youngster in their hospital this Christmas.

David Watson from Haddington, East Lothian, was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma last year, a condition which only affects children from birth to five.

He was treated at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh where surgeons removed a 13cm tumour and a kidney.

Sadly, David passed away on Sunday evening..

His parents, David Watson and Shirley Black have launched a chocolate box campaign in memory of their young son.

The family hope to collect at least 100 selection boxes and have been “overwhelmed” by the response they have received so far.

David also underwent radiation therapy and stem cell-replacement and was described by family as “a brave wee soldier who fought a valiant battle”.

Heather Stenhouse, who is helping run the campaign, said: “We’ve had a brilliant response so far.

“The sooner we receive the donations the sooner we can get them to the hospital.”

She added: “His courage and cheeky smile remains in the hearts of those who loved and knew him.”.

Mr Watson said: “I personally know how sad it is on Christmas in hospital and if we can put a smile on even one child’s face then it’s job done there.”

He added that after the festive period is up, the family will set about collecting easter eggs for the hospital and the whole family is touched by how well the staff looked their son.

The couple have already raised over £2000 for the Sick Kids’ Friends Foundation through sponsored walks.

Neuroblastoma is a cancer of the nervous system and other tissues found in the abdomen, chest, neck or alongside the spinal cord.

Anyone wishing to donate is asked to contact Heather Stenhouse at her shop in Dunbar called Stenhouse Crafty Plants or to go to