Health news: Sunday lunch ‘a thing of the past’

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A family Sunday lunch could soon be a thing of the past as three-fifths of families admit they no longer prepare and eat a meal with their families on Sundays, a poll suggests.

And all but 90 of the 2000 parents questioned for healthy living campaign Change4Life said they use pre-prepared foods, such as chicken nuggets, chips or pizza, when cooking meals for their children.


Edinburgh College students have put their creativity to good use by creating a DVD which will be used as an educational tool for high schools and youth agencies. The DVD which contains a series of short films highlighting tobacco issues from the students’ perspectives is being unveiled at Edinburgh University on March 20.

The project came about thanks to a partnership between Edinburgh College’s Creative Industries Department and NHS Lothian.


People who find it hard to sleep may have an increased chance of developing heart failure, a study has shown.

Three symptoms of insomnia more than tripled the risk in a group of 54,279 people aged 20 to 89.

Scientists stress that they have only found an association and cannot be sure there is a causal link, but they suspect insomnia may trigger stress responses that affect the heart.