Hospital hit by power cut

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A POWER cut at the Western General saw operations put on hold when one of the theatres was affected.

Five operations were called off as a result of the power cut on Monday.

Health chiefs have apologised to patients and vowed to reschedule procedures as soon as possible.

NHS Lothian’s acting chief operating officer Sandra Mair said: “An electrical fault at the Western General caused a loss of power in the outpatient building. One of the department of clinical neurosciences’ two theatres, where emergency procedures are carried out, was affected.

“A back-up generator was on site to provide temporary power, but it was decided, in the interests of patient safety, not to use the theatre until full power was restored.

“Instead, patients with life-threatening conditions were moved into a theatre which was unaffected.

“It meant that five procedures had to be postponed. I would like to apologise.”