Hospital tinnitus clinic helps patients to suffer in silence

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A NEW clinic to help residents who suffer with tinnitus has opened in the Capital.

The Tinnitus Clinic has a new practice at private Shawfair Park Hospital, near Danderhall.

A series of “pioneering” treatments are on offer, including Acoustic CR Neuromodulation, which aims to combat the condition that can cause a continuous ringing in the ears.

Using earphones and a matchbox-sized device, the pioneering treatment enables patients to “unlearn” the tinnitus sound, by disrupting the hyperactive nerve cells in the brain that create the unpleasant noise.

One of the first patients, Peter Humphries, said: “The tinnitus was a high pitched sound and it was continuous. It was very annoying and it caused a lot of problems with my hearing. I was only sleeping two or three hours a night. Now I hardly notice it at all.”