Law trainees to serve up a hangover cure with TLC

The new hangover service is ready to launch. Picture: Neil Hanna
The new hangover service is ready to launch. Picture: Neil Hanna
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WE’VE all been there – it’s the morning after a heavy night, the cupboards are bare and it feels like a walk to the local shop is the equivalent of a hike up Arthur’s Seat.

But two enterprising teenagers from the Capital have come up with a cure for the hangover blues, after setting up a ­delivery business which aims to cater for the city’s ­sore-headed masses.

The pair, aged 19, who work as legal trainees for an Edinburgh law firm, ­promise to deliver fast food, fry-ups, soft drinks and cigarettes to people who can’t face a trip ­outside.

They plan to charge up to £5 on top of the cost of the price of the goods in Edinburgh, with a “free hangover hug” thrown in for those feeling particularly fragile.

And it appears that paying a premium for the convenience is not putting off often repentant drinkers.

The Lothians Hangover Cure’s Facebook page has attracted more than 700 “likes” in the 12 hours after it was set up before the figure quickly spiralled to more than 1000 people ‘liking’ it.

The legal trainees – who want to keep their identities secret to prevent their bosses finding out about their venture, – plan to launch a trial run this weekend and have even come up with a catchphrase – “To your door with TLC”.

One of the entrepreneurs behind the business said: “The idea is that people will text us their order, we will work out the quickest route, the nearest fast food place or shop using iPads, then drop it off for a small charge.

“We believe hangovers are best cured by fatty foods as they are caused by dehydration.

“Fast food, and of course, Irn Bru, provides a quick release of the essentials to cure a ­hangover.”

Three drivers have already been recruited to deliver the supplies, with the two bosses on hand to help out if demand is high. A fee of £4 will be charged for deliveries around central Edinburgh during the first trial weekend, rising to £5 for the outskirts and other prices available on request for locations across the Lothians.

There is also a guarantee that irritating conversation from drivers will not be provided, as it is “something we know you could do without when you are hungover”.

The idea has already won rave reviews from excited potential punters throughout the region who left messages on the The Lothians Hangover Cure page. Alana Laidlaw wrote: “I love that this is going ahead! I’ll probably be a ­regular customer.”

Ex-Liberton High student Nicole Wood added: “I can see this being a beautiful friendship!”

And despite the business being just days old, it is already attracting attention from throughout Scotland, with calls coming in for the company to expand.

Social sciences student Beth Stenhouse wrote: “We need a The Lothians Hangover Cure in Dundee, this is the best idea I have ever heard of in my life.”