Man gets 100 operations to create ‘bionic penis’

Mo Abad, Dr Dawn Harper and Phillip Schofield. Picture: Rex Features
Mo Abad, Dr Dawn Harper and Phillip Schofield. Picture: Rex Features
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A CORSTORPHINE man whose penis was torn off in a car accident has told how his life has changed since he underwent 100 operations to create a new one.

Mohammed Abad lost his manhood and one testicle when he was dragged under a car for 600ft in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, when he was just six years old.

Doctors created a new penis for him to urinate using skin from his leg, which was pioneering at the time, but it never grew and was numb to any sensation. Now, after three years of painstaking surgery by doctors at University College London, the 43-year-old has an eight-inch “bionic” penis constructed using skin and tendons taken from his arm.

Known as the Titan Touch Penile Prosthesis, it has two tubes along the side which fill with water once Mo presses a button next to his testicles.

The previous prosthesis created by doctors when he was a child was used to create a scrotum.

Mo told ITV’s This Morning yesterday: “It’s totally changed my life between then and now. Before, I was a nervous wreck. I didn’t want to speak to anyone.”

Fighting back tears, he said: “Now because I’ve been through all of this, I feel 
comfortable to talk about it. Obviously I’ve got a long way to go but I am so pleased with the way it’s ended up, with the end result.”

Mo revealed that he had an erection for nearly two weeks after the surgery in July, which doctors said helped his new penis to heal.

The procedure has also given him new hope over the possibility of having children, as despite the severity of his injuries, Mo did retain one testicle, which has meant he is still able to produce sperm.

He said: “[My doctor] knows what my testosterone levels are and knows how much sperm I’m producing. Obviously it’s normal.”

Mo, who is still a virgin, told the show that he had high hopes of finding a partner since the installation of his penis prosthesis.

He said: “Moving forward, I am going to be honest with women about what’s happened to me. I’ve learnt the hard way that I need to be truthful.

“But I’ve got something to show for it all now so I feel more comfortable talking about it.”

Mo admitted the process had taken a toll on him psychologically, but the surgery had changed his life.

He said: “Now I feel brilliant. I feel like before I always got the impression that when I was walking along the road that people were talking about me, but now I have something to show for it.”

“Bionic” penises are usually created for men who have lost their genitalia through cancer.