Miles Briggs: Males need to ‘man up and go into nursing’

Miles Briggs criticised SNP 'failures' on Health
Miles Briggs criticised SNP 'failures' on Health
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Males contemplating a career choice should “man up and go into nursing”, a Lothian Conservative MSP has said.

Shadow health secretary Miles Briggs said it was time for young men to stop avoiding professions which were historically seen as only appealing to females, such as nursing.

And by encouraging more men into the job, it would help avert future staffing crises like the one the NHS is currently experiencing, he said.

Miles Briggs said: “We know that there are decreasing numbers of men applying to become nurses, despite work to improve that.

“So as a society we must all think about what sort of men we want young Scottish males to grow up to become.

“It’s time for males to man up and go into nursing.

“Not only will that be a valuable progression socially, it would also go some way to plugging gaps in the nursing workforce in future.”