Miracle baby Emily home after brave fight for life

Mum and dad Claire and Alan welcome little Emily home with sisters Brooke and Millie
Mum and dad Claire and Alan welcome little Emily home with sisters Brooke and Millie
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IT is the moment her family never dared dream would arrive.

Lying contentedly in mum Claire’s arms, it is hard to imagine that the now 5lbs 12oz tot once weighed little more than half a bag of sugar.

The Evening News has followed Emily’s progress since her unexpected arrival at the Royal Infirmary on February 27 to the first time her parents were allowed a cuddle.

Each week, Ms Cressey, dad Alan Coultas and siblings Caitlin, eight, Millie, four, and Brooke, 17 months, marked every little milestone with a candlelit cake.

Now, 14 weeks later, the family, who live in Coldstream, said it was “surreal” to get to the end of the difficult journey.

“It’s one of the most special days of my life,” said Ms Cressey, 34. “We’ve spent three-and-a-half months, living hour-by-hour, our hearts skip a beat every time the phone rings, fearing the worst.

“To have her home is a dream come true. We doubted we would ever see this day – being on life support the minute she was born, we never knew if we would get here.”

Ms Cressey was rushed to the Capital by a specialist medical team to ensure experts could give Emily the help necessary to survive beyond birth.

At the time, Emily was the smallest baby in Scotland and spent weeks on and off a ventilator as doctors battled to keep her alive.

She was fed through a tube as she gradually built up enough strength to be moved, first to Borders General Hospital, before being allowed home yesterday.

Even now, Ms Cressey said the latest development was hard to comprehend.

“It half feels like we’ve stolen her from the hospital because we’ve seen her every day, but never been able to take her home,” she said.

“I’m in shock, we’ve never done this before. There are so many firsts to look forward to.

“We’re looking forward to cuddling, kisses and looking at her, doing everything else that other people take for granted.”

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Ms Cressey, who documented her daughter’s progress on the Emily’s Journey Facebook page, praised staff at the Simpson maternity unit for being life-savers, and the follow-up care at the Melrose hospital.

She said: “We owe them our daughter and will forever hold a place for the staff and doctors in our hearts. Their care and help was so good that Emily was able to come home a week early.

“I would have been 39 weeks’ pregnant, it’s really something to have her home. It will take a while to sink in that she is actually here to stay.

“The children are all so excited and so are we, we can’t wait to begin a life together as a complete family.”