Neknomination: Gran downs ‘laxative cocktail’

Susan Cairney. Picture: Facebook
Susan Cairney. Picture: Facebook
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AN Edinburgh grandmother has been filmed taking part in the Neknominate craze by drinking a cocktail including laxative - although family later insisted it was a “hoax”.

Susan Cairney posted the stomach-churning video on her Facebook page, showing how she downs the “cheeky wee cocktail” before vomiting.

The 49-year-old, who works in a cafe, uploaded the “NanNominate” video as it emerged that the online craze appeared to have caused its first UK fatality. Isaac Richardson, 20, from London, died at the weekend after drinking a pint of vodka, whisky, wine and lager.

The craze has, until now, been dominated by young men, but Mrs Cairney’s video is part of a growing trend for women and middle aged people to do Neknominate videos.

Mrs Cairney is seen apparently creating her drink from peach schnapps. whisky, gin and Pimms. She then pours in a healthy splash of laxative, describing it as the “piece de resistance”. Finishing the drink, Mrs Cairney admits “that’s vile” before vomiting on camera.

Mrs Cairney’s boss at the Rumblin’ Tum cafe in Corstorphine, David Robb, reportedly nominated her for the challenge and posted that the video was “hilarious”.

However, a member of Mrs Cairney’s family, who asked not to be named, later claimed the video was a hoax.

He said: “She was doing it for a joke but it’s backfired. She’s getting called names online.

“She doesn’t even drink. In that glass is Pepsi Max. The laxative was toffee sauce, the whisky was cold tea and the peach schnapps was water.”

Just hours after posting the video on Friday, Mrs Cairney confirmed the contents of the glass on Facebook. Asked “what was you drinking” she replied: “Whisky, Pimms, peach schnapps, gin and coke.”

The video has led to considerable criticism of Mrs Cairney on social media.

Jen Hamilton posted: “Absolute disgrace! This woman clearly has no shame, what on earth are you teaching your children and grandchildren disgusting woman. I have a feeling the profits in your cafe may just go downhill too!”

Last week, Nicki Hunter from Prestonpans uploaded a picture of her semi-conscious, vomit-covered son in a bid to end the Neknominate craze.